Simply Group Financial is Part of the Simply Group Family of Companies

Simply Group is made up of a consortium of companies that share a common goal of helping customers modernize their properties through innovative financing solutions and energy-efficient home comfort equipment. Our companies span six key categories: home comfort, lending, new construction, commercial lighting, green living, and customer experience management.

Home Comfort

With a comprehensive dealer network, exclusive relationships with residential new construction builders, and hundreds of Home Comfort Specialists across Canada, were one of the fastest-growing HVAC providers in the country through two primary brands for leasing or purchasing.

Simply Green Home Services

Simply Green Home Services specializes in delivering the latest generation of high-efficient HVAC and water treatment systems, ensuring that homes are comfortable while also saving on energy and utility costs.

Sandpiper Energy Solutions

Sandpiper Energy Solutions provides customers with industry-leading, energy-efficient home comfort products for heating, cooling, air filtration, water heating, and water filtration. 

Commercial Lighting

Our lighting solutions business is the leading choice for LED retrofits, providing customers across the Ontario region with the next-generation of energy-efficient lighting. We provide tailored solutions and custom-designed projects to fit each clients unique needs and goals.


SimplyLED is a full-service provider specializing in installing and maintaining LED lighting retrofits on commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential buildings. We handle everything from building codes and requirements, to installation, to administrating government rebates.

New Construction

Our residential new construction business has earned a significant foothold in Ontario. Our network includes relationships with over 100 new home builders and exclusive contracts with several of Canadas top builders who develop more than 5,000 new homes per year.

Sandpiper Builder Program

The Sandpiper Builder Program helps builders reduce capital costs and increase profitability by providing affordable, energy-efficient home comfort products and homeowner maintenance programs.

HCSI Home Comfort

HCSI Home Comfort provides innovative, energy-efficient rental products and services that support home builders, contractors, municipalities, and eventually, the homeowners.

Simply Metering Solutions

Simply Metering Solutions serves builders, condominium boards, landlords, and tenants to provide industry-leading hydro, gas, and water utility meters for multi-residential and commercial buildings.


Our consumer lending businesses provide a range of unique financing solutions, including underwriting and financing secured against HVAC rental contracts, lending for home improvement projects, and more. We work with our clients to develop the right solution for them, even when traditional lenders are not available.

Simply Group Financial

Simply Group Financial partners with dealers to offer customers new and affordable financing programs for a wide range of home improvement projects through easy and seamless applications, automated approvals, quick funding turnaround times, open loans, and more.

Crown Crest Capital

Crown Crest Capital provides innovative financing solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our financing platform is backed by our unique, hands-on Business Management Support division, which covers customer service, training, marketing, and more.

SNAP Home Finance

SNAP Home Finance works with dealers to provide flexible financing solutions for customers’ home improvement needs with a simple application process, quick approvals, reasonable interest rates, and a user-friendly app that makes it even easier to close deals on the spot.

EcoHome Financial

EcoHome Financial is a home improvement consumer financing company with uniquely structured programs backed by high approval rates, quick funding turnaround times for dealers, end-to-end mobile marketing solutions, and more.

Green Living

The Green Living Show and the Green Living Store bring together eco-conscious businesses with products and services focused on sustainability. Our goal is to help consumers make healthy, sustainable choices when it comes to the products and brands they buy.

Green Living Show

Operating at arms length, the Green Living Show is North Americas largest consumer show dedicated to easy and simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 

Green Living Store

The Green Living Store allows conscious consumers to shop the show floor from home by bringing together a community of eco-friendly brands and local businesses.